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Hi all, 

Few days ago I was looking for some Linux-based OS to NAS (which I am going to build) and found TurnKey - it looks really nice, even though it's designed for VMs. The idea of TurnKey is great, but as a Arch and Debian Sid user I am fan of newest software on my computer (yeah, I know, stability comes first on server).

So my question is rather obvious (if you read the subject): do you have plans of changing base system to Ubuntu Lucid (it's LTS)? I think it'd be a natural direction, so how much time it takes to rebuild" appliances for TK developers? 

And second question: what about system upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04 - should it work without any problems? 



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The most recent release was an update/bugfix release only and will be the final 8.04 based TKL. AFAIK the Devs are already working on the new 10.04 based releases. They will probably release initial betas within a few weeks of 10.04 final. They have told me that they are planning to initially release them on SourceForge only and assuming there are no obvious major issues, they will be launched here within weeks of that. At that stage the current appliances will be depreciated (although still available for download via SourceForge for those who want, as 8.04 is supported by Canonical until 2013).

As to your second question, there has not been a definitive answer on upgrade path. As most of the appliances utilise apps from the standard repos, you could assume that many should upgrade easily (as easily as any other server 8.04 to 10.04 upgrade anyway). Some may not so easily where they use upstream tarballs. Read the individual appliance notes to give you an idea of the likelihood of success.

I know the Devs were working on a migration solution but it is unclear (to me at least) how they've gone with that so far.

Despite all that, its probably best practice to backup all your data first (or better still image the whole system) in case things go wrong.

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Meanwhile I did some tests and upgraded TK File Server Appliance to Lucid on VirtualBox - there is bunch of harmless warnings and network isn't working automatically after startup (it worked before upgrade) but eXtplorer, Webmin and Shell In A Box works fine (I upgraded all configuration files but lighttpd.conf). Probably moving TK Core to Lucid needs some polishing and minor fixes but it shouldn't be a big deal. 

I look forward to hearing about TK based on Lucid.
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If anyone comes across this thread, the beta is available for download.

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