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Hi Guys,

I set up a Turnkey backup in 2011, and believe that I cancelled it, but may not have done, it was a long time ago! With the new pricing plans it appears that I'm now being charged $10/month, fair enough if I've still got it up and running. So I went to log in, and am unable to, I may have used one of 2 email addresses, and when I try these in the forgotten password box, it says that they are not a registered email address.

I've tried openId and that fails too.

You obviously know my email address as you are sending me emails about the pricing changes, and are linked to my Amazon AWS account to charge me, but how do I get in to cancel please?

I've not posted my email addresses here for obvious reasons, but happy to speak over PM.



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The email that came from me (actually from support AT turnkeylinux.org) around 16th September should be to the email that is linked to your Hub account. Emails from Amazon (16th & 30th Sept) should have been sent to the email of the linked Amazon account.

If you don't want to use TurnKey anymore, the easiest thing for you to do is go to Amazon DevPay and cancel any TurnKey apps listed there. If you have multiple accounts, please make sure that you are logged in with the AWS account linked to the Hub.

You should get an automatic pro rata refund (probably $8-$9 at this point). The remaining dollar or 2 will need to be claimed via a manual refund request (to Amazon).

When DevPay shuts down, we'll go through and clean up any abandoned Hub accounts.

If you'd rather recover your Hub account then please email me direct via support AT turnkeylinux.org. Please email from the address that my initial email (16th Sept) was addressed to and I'll get Alon to trigger a password reset.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for the suggestion, sorry for the late reply, but your suggestion to cancel via Amazon worked perfectly, thank you.


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If you haven't already, you can request a refund via AWS customer support.

We will need to approve the refund so to ensure the refund goes through smoothly, please also send me an email (jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org or support AT turnkeylinux.org) when you do that. And/or CC me in when you make the refund request to Amazon. That way we'll know the background details and know to approve it quickly.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your help on this, I've jsut sent you a direct mail regarding the Amazon refund.


Dave Sykes

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