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i have install google chrome for headless testing with watir on ruby. The installation is very easy:

sh -c 'echo "deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list'
wget -q -O - https://dl-ssl.google.com/linux/linux_signing_key.pub | apt-key add -
apt-get update
apt-get install google-chrome-stable

But google chrome crashs with error message:

test kernel: [ 1749.800181] traps: chrome[5753] trap invalid opcode ip:7fb33b3c602d sp:7ffe2636d490 error:0 in chrome[7fb33a3d1000+6430000]

I have tested the same installation on the same VM on the same hardware with Ubuntu 16.04 and it works?

I have found something about updating the VM to support a new CPU feature like SSE2? Is this possible? How can i update the VM or the Lamp stack to get google chrome working?

Can anybody help?


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I found and try an older version of chrome (42.0.2311.90) from here: http://google-chrome.en.uptodown.com/ubuntu/old and it works without crashing. But certainly i don't found a working chromedriver for chrome 42 and watir 6.0?

So, i still need the actually version of chrome to get running.

I have also tried a fresh installed ubuntu 16.04 on the same machine and the same conditions and it's working. So the problem seems to be a system or driver problem?

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I have no idea if it will help at all, but jessie-backports have a much newer kernel - 4.7 IIRC.

Although having said that I'm currently writing this from Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit)) on Debian Jessie with the default kernel and it's working fine on my desktop. I essentially used the same install method as you noted. Having said that I have a full Gnome3 desktop so perhaps there is something else to do with my environment that is providing what Chrome needs?

Sorry I'm not much help...

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Okay, sorry for more questions ;-?

1. How can i install a newer kernel from backports?

2. An other idea is to install a full gnome3 desktop for testing. Did you have a hint, how can i do this?

3. Better i look deeper in the problem. Is there a possibilty to get more info why the chrome crash ... more detailed error details?

Thanks for your time!

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1. Add backports repo and install package(s). Please see the Debian backports instructions. If anything is unclear please ask.

2. Check out the Debian docs. They're probably a bit out of date, but should head you in the right direction. FWIW I am using the 'gnome' package. However, that pulls in the whole desktop environment, including a ton of apps that you won't want or need. It looks like you can just install 'gnome-core' and that will give you just the "official" (upstream) core Gnome3 desktop. It'll still be quite bloated for a server though. Unless you explicitly need Gnome3, TBH I'd probably be inclined to go for a lighter weight desktop like 'fluxbox'. It works great with GTK apps and I often use that on older computers as it only uses about 35MB RAM (Gnome uses ~200MB). I have a couple of Debian Jessie installs with Fluxbox desktop and Chrome runs flawlessly.

3. I'm not 100% sure as I've never done any trouble shooting with Chrome (it's always just worked for me on Linux) but I imagine that there is probably some commandline switch to make it be really verbose. Google should provide some useful results...

One other suggestion which may be relevant for you, is to try the Debian Chromium package. While it's obviously not Chrome, it's pretty close and may provide what you need? It has a fairly new version. Actually FWIW:

# apt-cache policy chromium
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 53.0.2785.143-1~deb8u1
  Version table:
     53.0.2785.143-1~deb8u1 0
        500 http://security.debian.org/ jessie/updates/main amd64 Packages
     53.0.2785.89-1~deb8u1 0
        500 http://http.debian.net/debian/ jessie/main amd64 Packages
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at first thanks again for your time and help. I tried the newest backports kernel and i installed the whole gnome core package and it has no positive effect of running google chrome. It's strange ...

I ask in the google chrome forum to get help or find out, what exactly causes the crash ...

I tried also the chromium browser. But chromium crash already with this error message:

[1:1:1127/103127:FATAL:sandbox_linux.cc(180)] Check failed: sandbox::Credentials::MoveToNewUserNS().
#0 0x7fdfbc63da7e <unknown>
#1 0x7fdfbc65185b <unknown>
#2 0x7fdfc04456fd <unknown>
#3 0x7fdfbf09aac3 <unknown>
#4 0x7fdfbc60aaa6 <unknown>
#5 0x7fdfbc60bf2b <unknown>
#6 0x7fdfbc60a7a0 <unknown>
#7 0x7fdfbc1bc46a ChromeMain
#8 0x7fdfb46a5b45 __libc_start_main
#9 0x7fdfbc1bc319 <unknown>

Received signal 6
#0 0x7fdfbc63d558 <unknown>
#1 0x7fdfbb28a8d0 <unknown>
#2 0x7fdfb46b9067 gsignal
#3 0x7fdfb46ba448 abort
#4 0x7fdfbc63ca42 <unknown>
#5 0x7fdfbc651b63 <unknown>
#6 0x7fdfc04456fd <unknown>
#7 0x7fdfbf09aac3 <unknown>
#8 0x7fdfbc60aaa6 <unknown>
#9 0x7fdfbc60bf2b <unknown>
#10 0x7fdfbc60a7a0 <unknown>
#11 0x7fdfbc1bc46a ChromeMain
#12 0x7fdfb46a5b45 __libc_start_main
#13 0x7fdfbc1bc319 <unknown>
  r8: ffffffe38a912118  r9: ffffffe38a912108 r10: 0000000000000008 r11: 0000000000000202
 r12: 00007ffc38d9c7e8 r13: 00007fdfc36aacb0 r14: 00007ffc38d9be48 r15: 00007ffc38d9be38
  di: 0000000000000001  si: 0000000000000001  bp: 00007fdfc13c19e0  bx: 0000000000000000
  dx: 0000000000000006  ax: 0000000000000000  cx: ffffffffffffffff  sp: 00007ffc38d9b368
  ip: 00007fdfb46b9067 efl: 0000000000000202 cgf: 0000000000000033 erf: 0000000000000000
 trp: 0000000000000000 msk: 0000000000000000 cr2: 0000000000000000
[end of stack trace]
[16552:16552:1127/103127:FATAL:zygote_host_impl_linux.cc(196)] Check failed: ReceiveFixedMessage(fds[0], kZygoteHelloMessage, sizeof(kZygoteHelloMessage), &real_pid).
#0 0x7fe89a719a7e <unknown>
#1 0x7fe89a72d85b <unknown>
#2 0x7fe89d175255 <unknown>
#3 0x7fe89d1742ae <unknown>
#4 0x7fe89d17489e <unknown>
#5 0x7fe89d20be80 <unknown>
#6 0x7fe89cfce03d <unknown>
#7 0x7fe89cfcdbca <unknown>
#8 0x7fe89a6e7f2b <unknown>
#9 0x7fe89a6e67a0 <unknown>
#10 0x7fe89a29846a ChromeMain
#11 0x7fe892781b45 __libc_start_main
#12 0x7fe89a298319 <unknown>


The problem seems to be with the sandbox? I found a commandline option to solve this. Starting chrome with options "google-chrome --no-sandbox" will occure an other error:

[1127/120902:ERROR:nacl_helper_linux.cc(311)] NaCl helper process running without a sandbox!
Most likely you need to configure your SUID sandbox correctly

I don't know, how i configure my SUID sandbox correctly?

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The usage of chromnium works now with parameter like this:

chromium --no-sandbox



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Having a look through your latest posts, my guess is that the root problem (excuse the pun) is that you are running as root and not a "normal" user.

Desktop applications such as web browsers aren't designed to run as root (as a general rule it's a really bad idea!)

As I said, I'm only guessing though...

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That is the main problem.

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