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Is it possible to create a second DC appliance when 10.04 is out, with the alpha build of Samba 4? Mean: A "stable" build with Samba 3.4.7 (or higher) and a "experimental" build with Samba 4 out of the box. This because applying group policy's is easieer with RSAT, something that Samba 4 supports.

My thanks should be big.


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I doubt TKL will have an official Samba4 PDC anytime soon as Samba4 is still in alpha and labelled experimental - not for production use.

As you are not the first to suggest this I'm sure that even if the Devs don't produce one offically, that someone from the community will step up with a TKLPatch to create this appliance. Perhaps it will be you!?

Samba4-alpha8 is in the Lucid repos, it should be straightforward to install and play with.

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Well... I can't since I am a total newbie in Turnkey/Samba. So I think someone other needs to do it...

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