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How to Run Mutiple Instances of Samba with mutiple domains with one server?

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The best solution IMO would be to install a hypervisor OS on your hardware and then install multiple VMs on top of that. Proxmox is my favourite as it includes both KVM (full virtualisation - can run unmodified Win & LInux OSs) and OpenVZ (container virtualisation suitable only for Linux OSs). I have a TKL Fileserver appliance running under OpenVZ sharing GB & GBs of files and it uses 36MB at idle!

A quick google suggests that running multiple instances of Samba inside a single OS may not be possible. From what I've read Samba uses port 139 and you can not have multiple services listening on the same port. However I did find one link that suggested that it may be possible. Good luck if you go down that path. If you manage to get it working like that, it'd be great if you could come back and share your findings as I'm sure others would love to hear.

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This is not multiple domains but samba can listen on multiple subnets.

In your smb.conf you would have to declare your interfaces

eg: interfaces = eth0 eth1

or eg: interfaces =

Your DHCP can also shelve out leases on multiple interfaces.

See my post below for details.



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