Good afternoon,

I'm getting back into TKLDev with a new project, now running version 14.1, and I'm having a problem I don't recall having previously.  All commands below are from the root of the project folder.  When I try to remake root.patched or root.sandbox, for some reason it seems to be remaking from scratch.  I used to do this by removing the deck and the stamp and re-running make.

I've figured out that I can reset the sandbox like this:

deck -D build/root.sandbox
deck build/root.patched build/root.sandbox

However, I'm not sure what to do about root.patched.  I'm working on conf.d scripts and so this is costing me a lot of time with it rebuilding everything repeatedly.  According to this is the procedure:

rm build/stamps/root.patched
make root.sandbox

But, as I said, this appears to be remaking the whole thing from square one and takes several minutes.  The first thing it does is delete the bootstrap deck.  How do you do this?


The same thing happens if I do this:

deck -D build/root.sandbox
deck -D build/root.patched
rm build/stamps/root.sandbox build/stamps/root.patched
make root.patched

No one knows?

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I've been working furiously on v14.2 and haven't been as active as I'd like on the forums. Sorry about that. FWIW I'm so close...

Long story short, the root.sandbox is broken. We finally have a fix which will be included in v14.2 when we release it. See the v14.1 issue on GitHub. We thought we'd fixed the v14.0 issue in v14.1, but ends up we just broke it in a different way... :(

There is a fairly simple, but dirty workaround noted by me here, with a proper workaround noted by Liraz here.

Apologies on your wasted time and the delayed response (which would have saved you some time had I been quicker to post).

Thanks for getting back to me.  You guys have a great thing going with TKL.

I didn't realize root.sandbox was broken.  I've been using it and haven't noticed any problems other than this rebuilding from scratch issue.  Should I not be using it?

I've put in the fix to, and that seems to have fixed the rebuilding from scratch issue.

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It still sort of worked. But as you noted, was requiring a full rebuild (as if you'd done a 'make clean').

With the changes noted by Liraz (which you linked to) hopefully it should be all good again.

Personally, I'll probably still continue to use my workflow (put an 'exit 1' in the conf script) but it's really good to know that it's working properly for you now.

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