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Trying to test out Turnkey so set up turnkey machine on a machine on the network. Running a copy of XP Pro in a virtual machine on a Windows 10 machine.. VM network is bridged and confirmed that Turnkey machines IP address is pingable in XP. All XP's network setting are at their factory defaults. Turnkey domain name (workgroup name) is Domain. When I try to join XP to it I get a "DNS Name does not exist" related error. Not sure what I am missing. In Webadmin under Windows Networking Options the Workgroup is Domain. Tried WINS Mode as both Neither and as Be a WINS Server. Same error either way. What else could it be?

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First thing first, please ensure that you have installed winbind. A security update to Samba now requires that additional package. I.e. log in via commandline (SSH or Webshell) and do the following:

apt-get update
apt-get install winbind

Perhaps that's all you need?

Otherwise I suggest that you double check that there is a DNS entry for the server available from the XP machine. IIRC nslookup should be avaialble from XP commandline.

Also I'm not sure, but perhaps there are some tweaks required on the machine to allow it to join? IIRC client side tweaks were required with later Windows versions with earlier versions of our Domain Controller. AFAIK they are no longer required, but perhaps tweaks to older versions of Windows are now needed?

FYI we use Samba v4.2 on our DC. So if you google how to connect from XP to Samba 4.2 then hopefully you should get some insight. Actually the Samba docs may also be useful. This page in particular should be of value:

If you need to tweak anything serverside, then TurnKey v14.x is based on Debian Jessie so that should help you find info.

Please post back on how things go, especially if you manage to work it out.

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