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I subscribed to all Turnkey AMIs (BA39B70F), but cant get the Joomla AMI (ami-dfc12fb6) instance to launch in the East.  I receive an error message that a "Subscription to Product Code BA39B70F required."  I tried to re-register, but Amanzon gives me the message "You already have access to this product. You may access it at any time. To view or change your All TurnKey Linux AMIs subscription, click here."

I think it is an Amazon problem, but have not received a response to my Amazon support email.

Any ideas?  Thanks


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Amazon finally activated my registration and the instance is running.  I can access the website's front page and the Joomla administration console.

How do I access webmin?  I tried using the ip address that I associated with the instance: "http://184.73.***.***:12321".  But I get an error message.  My Amazon internal ip address didn't work either.

 Also, I can't seem to find phpMyAdmin.


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Sorry for the late reply, glad you got sorted out with the Amazon subscription. AFAIK, subscription association should be instant, did Amazon give you any information as to why the delay?

Regarding your webmin/phpmyadmin question, you most probably need to update the security group (firewall) to allow access to ports 12320 (web shell), 12321 (webmin), 12322 (phpmyadmin).

BTW, we're about to launch the TurnKey Hub in private beta. One of the features is TurnKey optimized firewall templates to help solve this common issue. If you're interested in receiving an invitation to the beta you can register here.

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Hi Alon,

I appreciate your reply.  Amanzon never responded directly to my email.  I received the activation email immediately after I closed a FileZilla connection to an unrelated Amazon instance that I have.  I have no idea if there is any connection?

My security group was already properly configured. When I tried to access the ports, I received an error message that I was trying to access an ssl enabled site with http.  I am a newbie and didn't fully understand the error, but thought Putty could solve the problem for me. I created an SSH tunnel with Putty, configured Firefox to proxy to the instance's ip address through socks5.  It worked.  I got access to webmin, etc., but I am not sure why.

Thanks for your help.


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It means you're using http://your-ip:port/ when you should be using https://your-ip:port/. https is HTTP over SSL. It's encrypted and authenticated. Hope this helps!
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Thanks! Typing one extra character is a much a much better solution than what I came up with blush

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