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First of all I'd like to thank all of you devs and testers for this fabulous project!!!

It saved me A LOT of hassle building my installation iso (a project begun seven-ish months ago).

I am hacking the resulting iso to install a centos and the custom script I added is working !!!!

I'd like to make a few aestethic changes to the bootup.


1) it should thank you all for existing

2) I'd like to remove the webmin/advanced settings from the tty1 (since I don't need webmin for an installation iso I removed it, and about the network I am managing by custom solutions)

3) it should display a custom logo instead of the turnkey one


any suggestions ?

Thanks Again and Kind Regards



yes it can go beyond its purposes. It is an opensource project ;)

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Good work! I hope you didn't think me rude to close the threads you had started on GH. It's just that as I noted, that is our development tracker (for bugs and feature requests). I obviously didn't put you off too much! :)

I'm glad to hear that you managed to achieve your desired ends. As I noted on GH, I'm not personally convinced that TurnKey is the best tool for your job. But that's pretty much irrelevant now as it sounds like you've got it working! So good work on that!

TBH, I'm not very experienced with the installer or the ISO construction at the low level you are asking about. All those pieces were in place before I came along and they haven't really had any major work since I started.

However, hopefully I can head you in the right direction.

TBH, I'm not exactly clear where you would like #1 to be shown? If you want it on the install splash screen (I assume that's what you mean in #3 too?) then IIRC you should find that stuff within the cdroot directory (/turnkey/fab/cdroots). At a glance, the readme looks useful.

When you say "webmin/advanced settings from the tty1", do you mean confconsole? If so, then just remove that from the plan too (as I assume you did with Webmin itself).

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Hello Jeremy,

First of all it wasn't you being rude but more me being desperate, lame and stupid :)

I managed to get the iso to do what I wished (with the small detail that now it doesn't boot by default with the live image but it asks to write live at the syslinux prompt but I think I will get there).

The thanks are already on the first tty ;)

I'd like to share with all of you that is possible to just let turnkey generate the iso and then (unsquashing the rootfs and chrooting to it) to add download and install scripts to for example get a tar.gz of a whole centos (or whatever you like) machine and get it to unpack in a mounted dir so that you can send chrooted commands to it and install it. While in other solutions hacking the iso and the rootfs is a literal bloodbath.... your product made my life a lot easier. I got some last bugs to fix (for example the resulting centos boots just in rescue mode (mounting the fs giving me a login bash but failing to start services and configuring the net) something is borked between dracut hooks (read initrd) and the final goal ).

I'd be more than happy to propose and work with all of you to add more features to the project both sharing my discoveries and testing.

I just ask all the gods here ....

Where can I send some screenshots of my boot problem ?

Can anyone help me find the right path ?



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I'm sorry that I don't have any ideas for resolving your CentOS boot issues. You probably want to post somewhere where there might be someone who knows more about CentOS/RHEL!? I'm not going to be much help...

As for further collaboration, that sounds awesome. Please be aware though, that we're a pretty small organisation with a lot on the go. We're try to support anyone who is working on or wanting to work on TurnKey. However, we're stretched pretty thin already, so other than giving you pointers or feedback, we don't have any free resources (and I doubt that will change any time soon).

Regardless, please keep in touch with what you get up to, what you discover and I'll try to answer posts here on the forums as regularly as possible (I aim to post daily, but sometimes that drops off to once or twice per week).

So please post back with anything interesting you find out and I'll answer any questions you post as quickly as I can! Also, I know it's often frowned on in some circles, but if you don't get a response from a forum post within a day or 2, please bump your thread! :)

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Hello gods :)

tarring the whole machine excluding the /boot directory content and then reinstalling the kernel using yum via chroot, gave me a perfectly working machine (mysql permissions aside but that was an easy fix). If you want to add the "I can make new linuxes from any distro" feature to turnkey just tell me I want to help. :)  

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Good work man. TBH, I don't have an immediate need and I'm pretty comfortable with Debian as a base.

However, I do think that what you've done is incredibly cool!

If you haven't already published your work somewhere (e.g. GitHub), perhaps that's worth doing?! Even though it's probably not something that we'd be looking to support any time soon (we're way behind in pushing our next release out already) but I'm sure others would be interested in your work.

Regardless, awesome job! :)

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Hello Jeremy

(I use Debian)

I think it would be just a question to write a new makefile  in case someone needs to make his/her own linux distribution starting from a tarball of a working machine. Sadly I cannot publish since this is something I did as a work assignment (yes here is heaven :9 ).

Alas I haven't done it in the past so I'd need some help from you gods :)


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No worries at all. Well take care and if you have any other cool ideas to share, please be sure to drop in! :)
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when we'll release the product will be licensed with the gpl I will inform you about where to get it and you'll see what you contributed to create :)

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I look forward to seeing what you've created! :)

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