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Is it possible for me to remove mysql completely as well as both webmin and phpmyadmin, since they will be no longer needed. I just want a basic secure apache that isn't running as root along with php and the usual php extensions installed. All that other bloat, I want gone since I'll be using the amazon RDS service for my mysql and I connect to it using mysql administrator for admin.
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TurnKey appliances are designed to be customized. You could start with TurnKey LAMP and remove the bits you don't want but I think the closest thing to what you want it TurnKey Core. If you start with that, you could easily install Apache through the package management while disabling the Webmin service:
# install Apache
apt-get install apache2

# disable webmin
/etc/init.d/webmin stop
update-rc.d -f webmin remove

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It does not have Apache, php or any of that other stuff. Have a look here. But it does have Webmin (hence Liraz's comments about disabling Webmin).

Building exactly what you want from TKL Core will give you a cleaner, leaner product but removing excess from TKL LAMP may be easier? I guess it depends on how handy you are with Linux!

If you want to try to remove stuff, then back up all your data and then have a play. I have not tested this and will not guarantee that it'll work, but it should come close.
apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 mysql-common phpmyadmin
should do the trick to get rid of MySQL etc (I think - although I haven't checked, please post back if it doesn't work). Use Liraz's trick above to get rid of Webmin and Alon's post over here should help give you a clue of what needs removing from your apache.conf to get rid of phpMyAdmin settings.

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