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hi everyone,

i messed up and am hoping for some guidance. i set up a turnkey mattermost sever and got everyting up and running. i followed the steps found here to configure tls within the app:

i made changs in the system console of the app and on the server. once i restart the mattermost service, i am now getting a 502 bad gateway error when access

any tips on getting this corrected? thanks in advance for your help with this!

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All of our servers should come with TLS configured and enabled by default. In the Mattermost appliance specifically, we reverse proxy it with Nginx (i.e. option 2 in the Mattermost docs you linked to).

They do only ship with a self-signed certificate, but as of v14.2, Confconsole supports getting free Let's Encrypt TLS certificate, straight from your server's console.

Reading through the docs you link to, I'm almost certain that your changes have broken your server. As I hinted above, we already configure Mattermost behind a Nginx reverse proxy. My guess is that Mattermost is not able to bind to port 443, because Nginx already is. Because Mattermost isn't available on the port which Nginx is trying to connect to it on (8065), Nginx is giving a 502 error.

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Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. I will roll back to my backup and leave those settings alone. Thanks!

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Good luck with it all.

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