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I imagine that this post is more suitable to a Zimbra forum, but maybe the good friends of TurnkeyLinux can help us :-)

On our company (a typical SMB) we use pop3 - smtp emails, and each employee download the emails using MS Outlook directly from the mail service provider.

We would like to us a Zimbra Appliance to be an intermediate email server, so all the emails could be automatically downloaded by the Zimbra appliance, and our employees download the emails from the Zimbra appliance.

The idea is to leave a copy of the company emails on the Zimbra appliance, and that the employees can have also their local copy on Outlook.

We have an ADSL internet connection with fixed IP.

The Zimbra appliance could be installed on the DMZ, and the employees would connect to the appliance from the LAN.

Is it possible to do this? thank you very much.

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However, how you will actually go about setting that up I'm not sure. Hopefully someone else with a bit more knowledge will be along to help you out.

Also perhaps post on the Zibra forum too. That way you have 2 potential sources of answer. If you do get an answer over there perhaps post back here as other users may be interested in a similar solution.

Good luck!

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Hi JedMeister, thank you for your advice. Now I also posted the question on Zimbra forum, I will share here any useful information I could receive from the Zimbra forum. Best regards, 

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This is the answer I received on the Zimbra forum:

"Yes you could either use POP or the more preferable IMAP to serve the Outlook clients. Using fetchmail you could pull down the emails from your ISP and then distribute them via Zimbra; alternatively why not receive emails directly to your Zimbra server and then use one of the myriad of backup MX services on the internet to act as a secondary"

Best regards,

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Yes, how the zimbra forum as described, you should use fetchmail to get the emails, and then, the emails will be stored in the zimbra accounts.


but... I believe that you can replace the main  server with zimbra, is a wonderful tool.




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