I'm trialling the Mattermost appliance running in a VirtualBox VM. Everything work fine from the internal lan but I can't get access from the internet. Checking with browser as well as Mattermost app.

I have two bridged virtual nics in the VM, one on an internal lan and one directly connected to the firewall/router. The firewall has port 443 forwarded to the VM nic address. I've confirmed that this is open - pentest-tools.com can see that nginx is behind the port.

I'm not familiar with nginx but I've done what research I can on this and made sure that the config at /etc/nginx/sites-available/mattermost is not limited to localhost or and I've tried adding server_name _; other than that all settings are standard as provided in the appliance.

Any suggestion of  how to proceed in fixing this?

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Although, TBH, I'm not really particularly familiar with Mattermost, so I can't be sure. From a quick browse over the code, in theory if you have the port forwarding set up correctly it seems to me that it should "just work".

Perhaps it's worth trying to see if you can port forward Adminer (https on port 12322) and see if that works ok? If you can get that working ok, but still have issues with Mattermost, then it likely is something to do with the Nginix reverse proxy config for Mattermost. You are possibly aware of this already, but Adminer (a php app) is directly hosted by Nginx (via php-fpm), whereas Mattermost is self hosting and is bound to localhost. Nginix provides access to it as a reverse proxy.

I'm sorry that I can't be anymore immediate help. Please post back on how you go and if you continue to struggle, perhaps I can have a go at setting it up myself and see if I can work it out...

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