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 I recently restored a backup on a new machine. Everything went almost perfectly (some problems in Apache, because the new machine had a new non compatible version, but got over it easily). But I have a problem I can not solve:

Now when I run "tklbam-backup" it starts back up and stops at one of the mysql tables. He drops the mysql service and not complete the backup! So everyday I had to restart the mysql service on the server. Tried the --disable-resume command, the --simulate, tried to make a manual backup and restore mysql but nothing makes tlkbam run-up again! What can I be doing wrong?

PS: I'm not running out of RAM.

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To test it out I would recommend doing a manual MySQL dump of you DB and watch your resource usage as it occurs. AFAIK that is what TKLBAM does (for the DB backup anyway)..

WRT RAM, have you actually checked your RAM usage at the time? As I mentioned TKLBAM does a mysqldump of the whole DB; for a large DB that can consume a massive amount of RAM... Also whilst we try to keep it minimal, v14.0 is heavier on resources than v13.0 so unfortunately there will be higher overhead before you even start. If your system has insufficient RAM then the kernel OOMKiller will stop MySQL, resulting in what appears to be a MySQL crash. We have had a number of users with a similar issue; moving from a t1.micro AWS instance (which has ~600MB RAM IIRC) to a m1.small (which has 1.7GB) has resolved it.

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I'm not running out of Ram because I'm running an m3.medium with 3.7 GB of RAM. I run the mysqldump in a few seconds, because currently my database has only 8 MB. Is there anything else I can do? Reinstall mysql? Reinstall tklbam?

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I'll shoot Liraz (the TKLBAM daddy) a message and see if he has any ideas on how we might be able to troubleshoot this one...
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I had the same issue, you might want to check out this thread, as it solved it for me.


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