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I get through all of the scrolling screens and right up to where the system starts to load the installation wizard and then it goes blank and just says "Input Not Supported"

This is the first time I have had this issue on this monitor and I am suspecting it may be hardware related with the server board itself, but is there a way to override something like the screen resolution with boot options?

If not, I may need to try and install the OS on another system and then move the drive to this system, but I am worried that the main boot screen won't load after all that either.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I tried to install NextCloud as well and it still happens.  Something must change in resolution as the installation screens appear that make it stop working.  I tried the vga=ask option and chose a 1024x768 resolution that didn't seem to work.  I may choose some more to see if I can work this out.

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I plugged in a newer monitor and it worked just fine.  Not sure why that hasn't happened yet with other sysems.  Strange...

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