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I have created a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V, during the hyper-v setup wizard i selected Generation 1 and then boot to the Wordpress Turnkey ISO.

When the virtual machine starts i select the install option but then after a few seconds it gets stuck at this stage?

Any idea how i get past this? is it a VM thing or an issue with the ISO?

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Just to add to this, i am unable to type anything in the terminal when it is stuck at this point

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Hi there.

Thanks for posting, although unfortunately, I don't have access to Hyper-V (I'm a Linux Desktop user). Nor do I have any experience with it. I do have a Windows 10 VM (running on KVM) floating around, but I've tried to install Hyper-V before and I couldn't get it working (I suspect that it doesn't like running in nested virtualisation). :(

So unfortunately I can't help much directly. I have heard confirmation from others that v14.x can work on Hyper-V, but that was a while ago and I can't find further info ATM. Either there is some specific setting that's required, or perhaps Windows have release updates that break things?

TurnKey is based on Debian (v14.x = Debian 8/"Jessie"; upcoming v15.0 based on 9/"Stretch"). We do use a slightly different install method, but should be close enough for that to not matter. So armed with that info, perhaps Google might come up with something relevant (please post back if you find anything).

Alternatively, perhaps v15.0 will work? We will be releasing our (well overdue) v15.0 really soon (fingers crossed, next week). In the meantime, you could try the Core v15.0rc1 ISO (our base appliance). If that works, then all the v15.0 appliances should work. WordPress will be in the first batch published.

Alternately, whilst far from ideal; as a short term workaround, I can confirm that it works fine on VirtualBox and VMware products (as well as Xen and KVM - although I doubt these would be of use to you).

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

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Thank you for your response.

Hopefully i can figure out or someone can post with specific settings that would make it work directly in Hyper-V however i did manage to get around it slightly.

It seemed the issue was actually installing from ISO so i used Virtual Box to create the VM from ISO and once created, built a hyper-v machine and pointed it to the VHD created with Virtual Box.

I was getting this issue with a few appliances i tried so i know it wasn't just the Wordpress one.

I have downloaded and tested the Core v15.0tc1 ISO you linked above and that does actually load installation successfully so thats a great sign that the new wordpress version should work but for no i have manage to get it working using the work around above.

Thank you and hope my work around may help others in the short term.

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Ok so it must be something with the v14.2 ISO itself, probably a missing or incompatible driver for some of the virtualised hardware in the installers minimalist environment. The fact that it worked ok after going via VirtualBox suggests (as you note) that it's not something fundamental to the installed environment, just something amiss with the ISO/installer.

I'm glad to hear that the v15.0 ISO worked. We should have a WordPress v15.0 ISO for you to test within the next few days (fingers crossed).

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