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I'm using one of yours appliances turnkeylinux observium, and i encounter an issue that i can't solve.

Something you should know is that the network where this pc is conected had issues also and i made my team check this pc and found this issue.

So the error is ocurring on a pc that i can't control remotly and one of my team staff is helping me out with it, and basically he told me this "tklbam migration failed" or something like that. I have not use this before "turnkeylinux observium". I had to search on the internet for anything wich can help, and i found just commands like tklbam-list wich just show the backup list(btw i dunno what kind of back up it does) tklbam-backup self explanatory, tklbam-restore [#] wich can restore by id or more specific backups and tklbam-init and i did use this one and it asked for API password? in wich part for the installation i configured an API password? so, i'm kind of lost here.

I hope i explained my self, can anyone help me here?

I'm venezuelan so my english is very crappy, i'm sorry before hand for this.



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If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a Hub API key so you can restore a TKLBAM backup to a new server. Hopefully I've got that right...

You can get your API key directly from the TurnKey Hub. After you've logged in, browse to your Account Profile page and look for the section that says "API Key". Within that, you should see a box that looks like this: **************. If you click the "Show" button directly to the right of that, it will allow you to see the actual API key.

I hope that helps.

PS whilst your English may not be perfect, it's way better than my Spanish! :)

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First of all thankyou so much for the answer.

Well i wasn't doing a backup restore to another server, my computer had that inconvenient wich i think was a misconfiguration of the network port from the switch. This computer didn't have any conection within the network.

My real question was why do i needed the API key if i don't have any account on turnkey hub and amazon s3.

there is no longer an issue thanks again for your time :)

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The simple answer is, that if you don't wish to link your local server to the TurnKey Hub for backups (using TKLBAM) then you don't need an API key. You can just skip that step on firstboot if you don't want/need it. It will work fine without being linked (although obviously not the backups).

I sounds like you won't, but FWIW if you change your mind later, you can link a server to the Hub via TKLBAM itself:

tklbam-init HUB_API_KEY

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