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Hi some basic questions:

1) I was just wondering what steps I should take to setup a second (or more) site(s) on the Drupal 5 Turnkey server I just set up. Could some one point me towards a tutorial or checklist for setting this up? (aside from the Drupal install, thanks)

2) I'm currently using DynDNS and my router to point to my server, which is super easy to set up.  Now that I'm looking at having multiple sites on my server, is there another, cheaper way of doing this? 

Thanks to all involved, I have set up my own servers in the past, but this was by far the fastest and easiest!!


Scothiam's picture Under the heading 'Creating a new virtual host', looks like this is what I was after... anything else I should consider? Anything specific to the turnkey environment? thanks again,
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Check out this link:

There is nothing specific about the TurnKey appliance environment. Under the hood it's just another Ubuntu system, and Ubuntu is itself closely derived from Debian.

Online documentation specific to Drupal, Ubuntu or Debian should apply.

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Probably the easiest way to set up multiple sites with TurnKey Drupal is to simply create another instance of the TurnKey Drupal appliance inside a virtual machine. Compartmentalizing a physical server using virtualization into multiple virtual machine is a great way to not only simplify deployment but also to make the most of your hardware while improving security (each instance will be isolated from the others).

Take a look at VMWare Server. It's free.

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that's a great idea, looking into that, thanks
I'm going to start with the turnkey core install, then tryout vmware server,
Should be lots of documentation :)

my humble 'server' doesn't meet the minimum system reqs (dual proc, p3 or better) I have only a single p4... will try to install anyway, see how it goes...

on second or third thought, that idea is going to have way too much of a footprint for each of the websites I want to host, thanks for the suggestion though, may work in another scenario.

will focus on mastering webmin, cheers,

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