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Great people out there! This is my first forum post! Thanks for reading this!

Basically I'd like to see the VM images ported to Xen templates. I'm no virtualization guru (yet!) but Xen makes every sense for a Linux based project like Turnkey Linux. On that regard, I'd make myself available, including computing power and bandwidth for whatever needed. If you know somebody that already did this, please let me know!

Anybody out there would lend a helping hand?


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We've been working with a few of our VPS partners on Xen support and can help you with that if you still need it.

Sorry for getting back to you late. Between the Hub launch and Lucid builds the forum hasn't been getting the attention it deserves.

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I certainly do! I've being toying with this poweredge lately on stand by on my rack to enter online state. I'm afraid I won't be able to let this piece of hardware sit there available for testing anymore. Maybe a couple of weeks yet.

The VM images can be converted to Xen templates. Isn't that trivial. I've made little progress down that path. That's not what I'm looking for really. I'd rather start Xen way right from scratch, if you will.

I strongly believe in Xen being a superior virtualization solution by nature. Sort of Linux for Linux virtualization. And I'll stick with that no matter what!

Would you please further discuss details on what you've being planning and how I might eventually help?

Standing by,

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Xen is great but IMHO KVM is the future of open source virtualization. If you're not insistent on Xen we've uploaded to SourceForge Eucalyptus builds we've tested on UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud), which is a great platform BTW.

If you really want Xen we also have some unofficial Xen builds for you to test.

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