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I am hosting a few sites for my friends on the Wordpress appliance - I first downloaded and configured it last fall.  Now a couple of those folks are asking for the ability to edit their sites, which I am fine with, but I have been suddenly cast into an area I don't know enough about.  How can I set up SSH / SFTP for different users and lock them into a specific directory tree?  I haven't found a consistent set of directions, which tells me it is probably rudimentary enough that i should probably be able to figure it out.  Alas, I am a Windows guy trying to make the transition.  Any guidance?


Thanks - Tom

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if you keep in mind that the current TKL release is basically Ubuntu Server 8.04(.3/.4) under the hood, you should be able to find plenty of info using google. The Ubuntu forums are probably one of the best resources available although there are plenty of other good forums and blogs about.

Good luck

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