I have installed a single Domain Controller VM using the OVA and it is working fine.  I would like to add a 2nd Domain Controller, but I am unable to find documentation on how to do this. 

I know I will need to join an existing domain for the 2nd VM, but I assume the 2nd would also have a hostname of 'dc1' since this is part of the OVA.  Do I need to open a terminal session, at startup, prior to joining the domain and change the hostname of the VM?

Any other requirements for a 2nd VM?


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The firstboot inithook should give you the option to join an existing domain (not just create a new one). Have you tried that and it's not working? If so, please let me know and I'll have a look and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Or did you just miss that option? If you just missed it, you can interactively re-run the Samba/DC component on the firstboot scripts like this:


Regardless, the relevant Samba doc page (specifics for joining an AD Domain) should allow you to manually do that if you wish.

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