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Has Turnkey Linux Domain Controller Appliance - Samba Server Been Upgraded to Version 3.4?

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The next TKL release will be based on 10.04 which has v3.4.7 in it's repos. If you want to have a go at setting it up yourself, you could have a play with the TKL Core Lucid beta otherwise you'll have to wait a little longer.

I'm sure you probably won't miss the announcement on the front page!

[edit] If you'd like to have a go at setting it up yourself (from the Lucid beta) then Dony has a good idea over here which may be of use to you. Also as I've mentioned before, Samba4 (alpha) is availble in the Lucid repos as well so now could be a good time to have a play with that if you're still keen!

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