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Hi everyone
    I a newbie and need help:
I want to install GetSimple CMS:
on this live DVD

Live turnkeylinux ist running in my network. I have access as root.
My problem:
I need a step by step instruction that a new user e.g. hans
has full LAMP support on e.g.

thanks a lot

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Do you mean that it want it pre-integrated into the image (e.g. like our other appliances, e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc)? Or that you want to install it on a LAMP server that you've created (by installing from the LAMP ISO)?

I'm guessing from your post that it's the latter, but just in case it is the former; then you'll need a copy of TKLDev, a willingness to learn and get your hands dirty (with code) and probably a fair bit of patience... We've tried to make it as easy as possible to use, but really you'll need a bit of BASH scripting know-how to get it all working. And a little python know-how too if you want it nice and polished and operating like one of our appliances. If you have the time, energy and patience, then I'm happy to assist you getting there and seeing as it's open source software, assuming that it meets our standards, then we could even add it to the library as an official appliance. If that's your desire, please let me know and we can go from there...

Running with my initial guess though, it should be pretty easy. In case you missed it, their "quick install" instructions are here, or the full install docs are here.

Your post suggests that you want it running in /home/hans/cms. Do you have any intentions of sharing your server with other users? If not, then that's not the best place/way to install it! That is suitable for a shared server (or shared hosting) but on a self managed server (where you are root) it makes much more sense (and is much easier) if you just put it in the default (LAMP) webserver root and allow the default webserver user to manage it!

So assuming that you want the CMS to be the default (and only) site when you browse to your server; as per step 2 of the install guide, upload the files to /var/www. Note that it's probably not a bad idea to remove what is there by default (or move it if you'd like to keep it). You may be able to do that via your FTP client and Webmin is also an option, but personally, doing it via commandline is my preference (if you're using Windows, get yourself a copy of PuTTY). You can remove it like this:

rm -r /var/www/*

Or if you just want to move it out of the way for now (won't be accessible via your web browser) like this:

mv /var/www /var/www-backup
mkdir /var/www

Note that TurnKey does not provide vanilla FTP, but SFTP (via port 22) is configured and enabled by default. You'll need to use the root user.

The only other thing you'll likely want to do is change ownership from root to www-data (the default webserver user) - after you've uploaded everything (i.e. the install files plus language and any other files). You'll definitely need to do that if you moved the files as per my above command. Change ownership like this:

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

Keep in mind that new files you add via commandline/SFTP as root will require you to re-run that command.

After you've done that, it should be a simple case of following their install docs.

If you have any errors or warnings from the installer, please post back and I can give you a hand installing any missing dependencies, and/or resolving any other issues you may have.

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Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for your help!
My problem was the message after:
This page is temporarily unavailable
I did misinterpret this message as an error message.
I found out with
The installation did continue.

The cms is now running and stored at


thanks a lot!



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Really glad to hear that you worked it out. Good luck with it all. :)

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