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I have been getting an error when installing cups on turnkey linux core 10.04 Lts Beta Saying:

ldconfig deferred taken place

I have been getting this with 8.04 lts appliance's(more specificly the pdc appliance, because that is the only one I use. out of the 8.04 appliance's on a daily basis) and with the turnkey linux core 10.04 lts beta release, too, when this error pops up, you cannot install anymore packages anymore, and it renders the installation of new applications useless because you cannot install anything, could someone tell me how to fix this error?

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I tried installing CUPS. It works. You'll probably need to share more information about your setup.

Just to be sure, you installed TurnKey to hard disk right? If you ran the "Try without installing option" all changes go to memory and eventually you run out which could lead to problems such as the above.

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this is how I have setup my turnkeylinux lucid 10.04 lts server:

I have a hp compaq d530 with a 20 gb hard drive(which is the server), and I have a network card in it built into the motherboard, I guess, 
and I have a network switch connecting all of my computers to the router, also I have a hp deskjet d1420 series, connected to the server by usb ports on the front of my computer

did I tell you that I have turnkey linux lucid core, installed on the server.

also yes, I do have Turnkey installed to the hard disk. but I don't get how to fix this.

it seems that if I install a certain application on turnkeylinux, it gives me
"ldconfig deferred taken place" and after this, it doesn't let me install anything else(this is what I observed on turnkeylinux domain controller appliance, version 8.04.3. but I got this on the Turnkeylinux lucid Core 10.04 lts appliance, and it let me continue installing software onto the server with the turnkey lucid core 10.04 lts appliance.

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