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I just installed turnkey-mediawiki-2008.10.29-hardy-x86 in a VirtualBox machine.  The console says to go to, but there is no response.  The host is Hardy Heron. 

How can I find the problem?

I also have this turnkey-mediawiki-2008.10.29-hardy-x86 installed on a VMWare machine with a winXP host.  It is working fine. 

So I suppose there is a problem with either VirtualBox or the Hardy host.

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It just so happens we do most of our testing in VirtualBox (on hardy heron as well).

I'm guessing you're having a problem with the network configuration for your guest, which is NAT by default on VirtualBox and bridged by default on VMware.

In order to access your appliance as a server you'll want to setup your VirtualBox VM to use bridged networking instead of NAT.

Unfortunately, this is a bit more complicated in VirtualBox than in VMware. See section 6.8 of VirtualBox's manual (host interface networking and bridging on Linux hosts).

I can testify that bridged networking is a bit of a pain to setup on Virtualbox, but once you get it working it seems to work quite well...

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Hello, I've been to 6.8 of the manual...But a clean how to would be helpful... :) Happy new year ! ;)
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Happy new year to you too crony! Updating the documentation to make various things easier is on our todo list, but there is only so much we can do ourselves. For example, right now we're a bit busy getting a new batch of releases ready with a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Hopefully we will get to the documentation soon but it would be great if the community steps up and gives us a hand.

Anyhow, it just so happens that the new version of VirtualBox (2.1) makes setting up bridging type networking much easier. You select which Host Interface you want to bridge your VM too and it just works.

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