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Hi, i tried getting support for this from phpbb, but since i'm using a preconfigured box, they said i'm sol.

my users can see me (and all other hidden users) even though i have my account status set to hidden.  the usernames show up in italics, but are still plainly visible.  any idea where i could start looking to fix this?

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You were right to seek help on their forums. Any problem you are having with phpBB has nothing to do with TurnKey Linux.

I really don't understand their response to you. Why would using a preconfigured installation disqualify you from using their help? Underneath the hood an appliance is just a regular Ubuntu installation! We just give you a better starting point by setting up the initial system closer to what you want.

BTW, we use the phpBB3 package from Debian Lenny. I bet probably thousands of phpBB installations are using that package.

If they're being so boneheaded, just register as a new user and ask for help again but this time tell them you are using Debian.

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the core of phpbb is exactly the same. i'm hoping some other users might show up that have had this problem or have some fresh ideas for how to work around it.

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