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I am migrating a non-virtual machine colocated to AWS -- using cloudendure, which has created an exact duplicate of the entire server including OS, and all configurations at a new AWS address (very cool). It works, and I can recommend this tool. Also, AWS has made it free for migration purposes.

However, the new server appears on the AWS console but not on the Turnkey console. It also still has the original backupID. Until I turnover to the new machine, I've turned off its automatic backup.

How can I 

  1. Get the new servet to show in console of the other Turnkey servers I manage
  2. Assign a new backup ID to this server (or should I assume it will work correctly when I restar it on the new IP address)

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Unfortunately, for now, only servers launched from the Hub will show up in the Hub. We do have plans to allow the importation of additional AWS servers into the Hub, but we're a small crew with big plans, so unfortunately, it's been one of those things that keeps getting pushed back in favour of other higher priority items.

If it's a current version of TurnKey (i.e. v15.x), then you can use TKLBAM to migrate a local server to a Hub server. Migration of the exact same version should be flawless, and for most appliances, the same major version (e.g. v15.0) should also work with no issues. If it's an older version of TurnKey, then it's probably wise to migrate or upgrade the server anyway. If it's v14.x then you only have security updates until ~ April 2020. If it's v13.x or older, then it is no longer getting security updates!

If you are ok with the server not showing within the Hub UI (and if applicable; the security implications of running an unsupported version) , then you can continue as you are.

It is also possible for us to manually import the server. Although as that requires manual interaction there is a small risk that something might go wrong (although the likelihood of that having any negative impact on your servers itself is extremely low; the risk is more to the Hub UI). As it also relies on getting my colleague Alon to do the migration, I can't give you a timeframe on that unfortunately. He's pretty tied up at the moment, so my guess is that it will likely take a few weeks before he'll get a chance to do that. Probably one of the other options would be preferable.

If you do want to migrate data, I would suggest downloading the current VM of the appliance that you would like to migrate to and trying to restore the backup there first is the way to go. We have a doc page on migrating data to newer versions (I recommend the "semi-manual" process). It's explicitly for migrating data to v14.x (needs updating) but generally it should still apply to v15.x (the specific software tweaks noted should only apply to migrating to v14.x).

If you need a hand with any of that, please let me know. I'm more than happy to provide assistance here in the forums.

Sorry that I don't have some easier news for you...

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I understand this would have been an easier path if the server was up-to-date (and I've used TKLBAM for migration as you describe), but alas its not. That's one reason I used this cloudendure method -- it migrated the server, warts and all. For business reasons this needs to be done immediately. 

I'll live with the server not showing on the console, I guess! 

Thanks for your reply.

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