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Hopefully someone here can help me with this beginner's problem.

I've successfully installed the RoR appliance to harddisk on a standalone server, and was able to access the webmin interface from another computer on the same network.

After I got all that running, I tried following the instructions found here on how to deploy a Rails app: .... to try out the example on the server...but to no success.

My question again is: How do I start up the preconfigured example Rails application located at /var/www/railsapp ?

Any help to solving this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for viewing.

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I'm not familiar with RoR but I would guess from your info that you should find the example at http://ip-or-hostname/railsapp/ This guess is based on the knowledge that /var/www is a common default document root for web servers (ie what you get when you browse to http://ip-or-hostname/).

Run this on terminal


Access the page using this url


/var/www/railsapp/script/server -d

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I'd like to get back to the original thread problem since I'm struggling with it right now.

I'm keeping it simple and want just to see a simple index.html file in my browser. I've set up new a virtual server to port 12345 and document root at /var/www/, restarted apache using webmin and opened the port in Linux firewall (just to be on the safe side).

However with netstat -ln -A inet I never get the desired port in listening state - it's just not listed there.

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