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In my spam cleaning fury, I accidentally just removed deutrino's user account and posts! **facepalm**. I'm so sorry deutrino! :(

Anyway here's what I just removed:

All the docs for the Gitea appliance mention Adminer, but it is not installed when I set up an image on a VPS using the ISO that was current yesterday. Also, I can't see where to add an issue on the github for that app.

With a followup post:

Also, I recall setting a password for Adminer (and possibly some other things along with it) during setup of this vm - what else does that password apply to if Adminer is not being installed?

The symptoms I am seeing, btw, include that when confconsole launches after the system comes up, Adminer is not mentioned in the list of URLs, and the system does not respond on port 12322; also, there is no firewall rule to open port 12322, and there are no packages with the string 'adminer' installed.

And another follow up post:

Also also, the appliance installs a very outdated version of Gitea. I had to update manually right after initial install. One can update the Turnkey Linux Gitea install by:
service gitea stop
# now backup the old binary and copy the latest stable Gitea binary over
service gitea start
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Deepest apologies again on deleteing your account deutrino. :'( Hopefully you come back to check and see my response...

Thanks so much for taking the time to report the "Adminer missing" bug. I've just checked my local Gitea server (I run it locally myself) and you are indeed correct! (I never noticed as I've never even tried to use it...). I have also double checked the build code and can see that there is an omission there.

I have opened a new GitHub issue to cover this on our tracker. FWIW, there is a link to the tracker in the main menu (top of the page on a desktop browser; via the "hamburger" on mobile devices); under "Help" >> "Issue Tracker".

Re your note on the outdated version; again you are correct. The appliance was last updated nearly a year ago. I agree that we should have released an updated version before now. Although we are currently working on v16.0, so we probably won't bother with an updated v15.x version at this late stage... (we'll include a fully up to date version when we complete the v16.0 release).

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We've been getting hit with tons of spam lately, and I was rushing... Anyway, FWIW I've been much more careful when deleting spam since then...

Out of interest, would you like Adminer? Or just expected it because it was mentioned? TBH, I see no reason why we couldn't include it?! But for now, I've just removed mention if it.

Yeah, we're still working on v16.0, but the first RC of Core is getting pretty close. I'll post an announcement on the blog once it is.

Re the new appliance, that sounds awesome. If you need any hints or assistance, please sing out. Also, just to be clear, we won't be adding any new apps to v15.x at this stage. So depending on how far you've got, it may pay to just hold off for a little anyway?! If you do find some time and/or have already done some work, there most likely be too many significant changes required to build for v16.0. The main things to keep in mind is that the inithooks will need to be changed to be python3 compliant (we've updated inithooks to python3 for v16.0. But I can assist with that if need be.

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