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Now that Valve has decided to no longer produce the Steam Controller, how many of you would be interested in petitioning them to release it and all associated software via the MIT, GPL, or some other license?

I tried to order four additional controllers when they went on sale as I find the Steam Controller the most versatile and feature complete HID out there. It doesn't replace a keyboard or a mouse, but it makes up for those shortcomings by doing things that a keyboard and mouse don't (I hate playing Super Meat Boy on a keyboard regardless of how good I am at it). Now that I know I will never be able to replace the official Steam Controller once mine wears out, I want to be free to purchase one from someone who is willing to supply the demand. There has to be a manufacturer out there that is willing to produce it for people like me going forward, or perhaps the community can rally and we do it ourselves.

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That sounds like a very cool plan, although doesn't quite count as "TurnKey Linux support" - so I will move this thread over to our "general" section. Good luck with it. :)

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Yes I'd surely sing a petition to release it...! You can count me in..

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