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I have install mantis on my VM. Everything works ok from the internal and external IP. I would like to change the listening port to 82 instead of 80. What are the steps I need to take besides the Port forwarding on my router?
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But my understanding is that it uses apache2 as a web server. I haven't played with apache that much but I'm pretty sure that to change the listening port you need to edit the apache ports config file.

Assuming that TKL retain defaults, you should find it at /etc/apache2/ports.conf, look for the line that reads Listen 80 and change the 80 to whatever you want (eg Listen 82).

To edit from the command line, try this

nano /etc/apache2/port.conf

And find the appropriate line and change it (as detailed above). Then <Ctrl><X> to save and exit.

You should also be able to do it (even easier) from the Webmin Apache Server page. Access Webmin via https://<server-ip>:12321/

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