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TurnKey LXC v15.1

.iso install on a physical machine.

My started machines where not connected.

Excited to find this work around but dont entirely understand it.

I used information found in the video below around 21min 30sec in.

Linux Containers (LXC) Networking Deep Dive - Video 003a - LXC veth Adapters w/Bridge Int. (br0)

I made these modifications while the container was stopped.

Change to your container folder  /var/lib/lxc/containerfolder

and edit /etc/network/interfaces

Then edit the config file

The modificaions in green were important. The ones in blue I believe are optional.

Not sure what else the solution has impacted Im still learning about this system.

Hope this has helped someone.


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I'm really glad to hear that you got it working. Thanks so much for sharing too!

TBH I'm not sure why it doesn't "just work" OOTB?! By my understanding you shouldn't need to make any manual adjustments. I'll try to have a closer look at the build code soon to see what might be going on...

Regardless, thanks tons for sharing what you discovered. If nothing else, it'll help others get going with it, and will be a great resource for me when I get to having a closer look.

Thanks again! :)

PS _ I just did a few minor tweaks to your post, including adding some tags, hope you don't mind.

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Just in case it is not  clear to whomever stumbles upon this,


The "config" file you need to "nano" is located inside this folder:


nano config


The other file i believe is edited by nano from the root but I dont think it actually needs modification now....

nano /etc/network/interfaces


Im also glad I finally got it! 

Thank you Jeremy and all for your help and hard work!

Lets have more fun!





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A set back Is I found that when you reboot the container it changes the ip

Stop this, once inside Webmin by setting the IP address Static configuration to the IP address the TKey appliance give you or your assign one,

Webmin / Networking / Network Configuration  /  Network Interfaces  /  Static configuration

Ok I think thats it for now...




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All TurnKey appliances default to getting an IP address dynamically via DHCP (usually provided by your router). The reduces the chances of an IP clash (i.e. 2 machines on the network having the same IP address). But as you point out, it will work much better if your server has a static IP.

And thanks too for the extra tips. Great work! :)

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