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Hey gang,

In my Lab Im runnning a TurnKey WordPress 15.3  container with WordPress 5.2.5 on a TurnKey LXC V 15.1 machine.

Having a great time, updated Wordpress to WordPress 5.3.2 wtih the automatic link in the wordpress admin.

Wordpress finished the file update and then appeared to need to update the database. I believe this somehow broke the connection to the plugin server.

My guess is the "Update" to the database adds changes to the plugin connection configuration.

Ive done a couple of dry instances to make sure the connection works after setup, a look on the web and a few attempts at impotring database elements (with varied results). My temporary resolution was to rollback the container and see if a future update resolves things.


Luckily I had copied the container a week ago when things worked.

lxc-copy -n containername -N containername2

I then destroyed containername and copied it back from containername2

lxc-copy -n containername2 -N containername



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Sorry but I don't quite understand what you mean when you say "broke the connection to the plugin server" and/or "changes to the plugin connection configuration".

Do you mean that some of your installed plugins are broken after upgrade?

If that's the case, could you please share the exact error messages you are seeing? And/or spell out exactly what is not working? Perhaps also note which particular plugins are causing the issue. If you have the time and the spare resources, perhaps even try launching a new WordPress container (purely for testing) but don't install any plugins and just do the upgrade and see if you get the same errors/issue there.

If a standalone WordPress with no plugins works ok (or if you don't try that) perhaps double check that the plugins that break are compatible with the newer version of WordPress. Also double check the version of PHP that they require. WordPress itself should be compatible with almost any version of PHP (including really old unsupported ones) but maintaining that backwards compatibility can take a fair bit of effort, so many plugins do not provide that backwards compatibility.

FWIW TurnKey installs PHP from Debian, which in v15.x appliances by default is PHP v7.0. Upstream (i.e. the PHP developers) no longer support versions prior to v7.2 so often plugin devs with limited resources will only support current PHP versions (Debian themselves provide backported security fixes for v7.0).

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Dont know if it helps but im running the 5.3.2 version here ... no problems with plugins.

However rule of thumb for me is to deactivate all plugins before upgrading wordpress, dont know if it makes any difference but its just what ive always done and never hit any issues regarding wordpress updates ... might be worth a try in future ? 


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Thank you for the suggestions.

Its ok I was just posting to see if anyone else was having a problem updating plugins. I was curious because it happened after an Wordpress automatic update.


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