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Looking for someone knowledgeable about configuring a cold steel machine on the inside of a home network for Zimbra (so that it is looking out to WAN), so far I can send, but no receiving. If there is someone who has a couple of thoughts that might get me pointed in the right direction I would appreciate it. 



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Ok this is what i have so far. 

I have installed the turnkey app with ISO image, so it is the only thing running on the server.  I ran zimbra-conf and created a host named

My DNS records are:  Host / record type / data /  A record / IP address (from DynDNS client) /CNAME / / MX / 10 / MX / 20

my server stack includes a XP based server running XAMPP and Joomla off port 80 located at

the linux server is running the webmail module off of (internal) and forwarded through 81 on the outside.

The rest of the appropriate ports were forwarded to 2.9 as applicable. 

Some of the things i have noticed:

1.  I can resolve to and get the webmail application from inside the LAN, outside I can get https webmail on port 443, but my work computer is kinda screwy so i havent been able to successfully check the 81 port from outside the network.  (its a government computer, it is very restricted, for example I can't type because it freaks out when i try to use https on a port other than 443)

2.  I can send but not recieve emails on all the accounts in the webmail

3.  I cannot connect to the server to send or recieve with my email client which is located inside the LAN

4.  I have not tried to connect to the client from outside the LAN.

5.  If i add an external account to the primary account IE my gmail account linked to my admin account it will not download messages from the gmail account.


I am worried that with this configuration i need to install BIND and run split horizon set up for DNS, if that is the case how will this effect my other computers on the network?

I read the docmention under the appliance page and am not sure what the DNS record "      v=spf1 mx ~all              TXT" is for, and whether it applies to my situation.

Any help would be helpful

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If anyone has a link that might have some BIND DNS tutorials it would be appreciated.  I understand the premise behind DNS, and even Split DNS, it is the mechanics and actually configuration that is stumping me.  I am still struggling to get any response, close to one month on support without answer.  If i am posting in the incorrect section i would love to know. 

Thank you in advance.

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Appreciated Basil!  I will indeed check this out. 

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