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Hello, I installed the ProcesMaker VM from iso today, and when I tried to log in, I get an error - "User's account has expired" and no way to reset it. I set the password during the build process. How do I log in.




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The script didn't work, but it gave me the loacations I needed to change.


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First up, thanks tons for taking the time to report the issue. And extra thanks for posting back with a solution. You rock! :)

Apologies that I didn't jump in with an answer for you in the meantime, but TBH, I wasn't sure of the answer OTTOMH and would have had to google to find it myself. I had intended to follow up when I had a chance, but you beat me to it.

FWIW I'm currently funnelling all my energy into updating our library to the next major version; v16.0. As per always though, it's taking much longer than originally hoped and we're way behind schedule. Really soon hopefully though...

If you have any further questions, or feedback, please do not hesitate to post.

Take care and thanks again.

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Just adding here that the solution provided can be ran through webmin. Go into the table and edit the USER_DUE_DATE to a date in the future.  
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Thanks for bumping this with your additional info. I hope to properly resolve this in our next release (by updating the user expiry when the password is set on firstboot).

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