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I've been trying to deploy Docker TKL/OpenLdap in my environment, and have found that I am not able to maintain the persistent data.

I work around this by extending the docker image with Dockerfile, and adding a volume for the /var/lib/ldap path, as that's where the DB is stored.

However, after a stop-start on the container, all data gets wiped out.

It appears that each time the container starts, the script initialises a new instance of DB for OpenLdap, regardless of whether its a new container or old container.

Am I missing some parameters, or is this a bug in the /usr/sbin/ script? 

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Apologies on my slow response.

TBH, I don't have a ton of experience with our Docker builds, although your experience doesn't sound right.

My only thought is perhaps it's not completing the initialisation properly?! FWIW the TurnKey Docker docs cover how that should work (i.e. the 2 options; preseeded or interactive).

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