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I have no physical  access to my vps and my provider has all kinds of turnkey available but not the one i need.

Can i install turnkey openvpn on a fresh install of Debian Jessie 64?

What i've tried so far is to tar an install of Turnkey openvpn from the root / 

to untar it at the root of the fresh install.

This works for another situation i had and it all comes to excluding certain dirs and files from the backkup.

When i do this in this situation with:

tar -zcvpf /tars/vpn.gz --directory=/ --exclude='etc/fstab' --exclude='etc/dbus-1' --exclude='etc/network/interfaces' --exclude='boot' --exclude='dev' --exclude='tars' --exclude='proc' --exclude='sys' --exclude='tmp' --exclude='run' --exclude='mnt' --exclude='media' --exclude='lost+found' .

And then Untar it at / of the new system with:

tar -zxvpf vpn.gz

And do a reboot

The system boots up but halts on: failed to start login service and failed to start ls




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1st I would like to remind you that Jessie has reached "End of Life", which means Debian will no longer provide security updates to that release as mentioned here https://www.debian.org/News/2020/20200709

I don't think you can "convert" a debian fresh install into a TKL distro. However you may use TKLDev if it is in your VPS provider list. https://www.turnkeylinux.org/tkldev

Other option is installing TKL Core https://www.turnkeylinux.org/core then install openvpn manually.

I hope this helps a bit untill someone else give a better answer

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Thanks for your input Sensiva! :) Whilst you are right that users are recommended to use much newer OS where possible; Debian Jessie (the basis of TurnKey v14.x) is still supported by ELTS (until mid 2022).

Having said that, any user still using Jessie/14.x is well advised to double check that all the packages in their system are still getting security support in the ELTS and also consider sponsoring the ELTS (and/or LTS) efforts. It's also worth being aware that TurnKey support is always targeted at the latest release (so Debian Buster/v16/x currently). We always aim to help users out, but the degree of support we can provide for old releases is limited.

Otherwise, you are completely on the money! There is no easy way to "convert" a vanilla Debian to TurnKey. Where possible, we do try to use Debian packages (as we do in the case of OpenVPN) and all the custom "helper" scripts and config adjustments we provide are contained within the (open source; publicly available) build code.

So in response to the OP; you could manually re-create an appliance (e.g. OpenVPN) if you wished, but it'd be a fair bit of work and I'm sure there are easier options.

Alternatively, we do provide a raft of different build types so perhaps it's possible to import the OpenVPN appliance via your hosting provider? I know that a number of hosting providers allow the uploading of ISO and/or OVAs which may be a way to get your desired TUrnKey appliance loaded on your hosting provider of choice?

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