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Hello, I have noticed it is not possible to launch any of the 64-bit instances with TKL. Does anyone know when future support for these 64-bit instances will be added or is it possible to launch turnkey LAMP on them somehow still? Thank you
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The devs have plans to support 64 bit, but it is just one thing on their extensive 'to do' list. There is no clear timeframe for 64 bit appliances to be availble.

Assuming that your interest in 64 bit is because you want to use lots of RAM; the next TKL release will be based on Ubuntu Lucid so should AFAIK support up to 64GB RAM (via PAE). I have not tested that but you could test TKL-Core-Lucid beta if you want. I'm sure others would be keen to hear how you go.

[edit] Have just been having a read over on the Ubuntu forums and apparently vanilla Lucid (the base of the upcoming TKL release) installs PAE by default when more than 3GB RAM installed. I'm not sure if this behaviour will also happen with TKL but should be easy to enable even if its not. Have a read here if you're intersted.

Also if you have some other reason for wanting 64 bit please share.

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The larger EC2 instances only support 64-bit AMIs and since TKL is still 32-bit, that limits the instance types you can run it on. Sorry about that. 64-bit is one of our top priorities for after the next release. Shouldn't be too difficult. We just need to get everything else off the table and focus on it.
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That makes perfect sense. Oh well, perhaps someone else will find the info that I've posted helpful.

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It's a bit deceptive but lurkers outweigh active participants in the forums many times over. Also, Google loves TurnKey so literally thousands of people each month are being helped by your posts even from outside our community. For example, try googling for "dyndns alternative". The thread you started the other week is already 5th place! That may have been how the DynDNS rep found it...

Anyhow, I hope the people who come across your posts are taking notes. Your writing is not only informative, but also friendly, accessible and always humble to a fault! The Intertubes would be lucky to have more people like you setting the standard for online discourse. Have you seen what passes for commentary elsewhere? The comments on some of the world's largest sites (e.g., YouTube) make me want to gouge my eyes out and pray for humanity.

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