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I use Turnkey's Wordpress VM. In WP I added a theme and treid to set up some pages. Now my WP crashes, when I try to work on a page.

Therefore I changed the following settings in my VirtualBox Manager:

RAM is set up to 2048 MB

Disksize was changed to 42 GB

Graphics memory is set to 128 MB.

All these setting should work fine, because I work on a Linux machine with a 8-core processor, 4 GB Ram on the graphics adapter and 64 GB Ram. I run Linux Mint and the virtualbox version is 6.1

Tanks for your help



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Firstly, it's a good idea to be clear about what version of different software you are using. E.g. VirtualBox version, TurnKey version, perhaps even host OS and version? It might also be worth sharing which particular build you are installing (you state "TurnKey VM", so I'm guessing the OVA, but good to be explicit).

If you are unsure how to check exactly which TurnKey version, please run this:


Beyond that, when you say "Now my WP crashes, when I try to work on a page" what is actually happening?

Have you investigated what the cause of the crash is? I would recommend that you don't just randomly "throw stuff" at it hoping that it will work, but instead try to work out what the issue is. Then you'll know what is needed to resolve the issue. E.g. check the free memory before and after the issue becomes visable, check that you have free space on your root volume, etc.

Regardless, when you say that you've increased the RAM, have you rebooted the VM and double checked that it has access the larger RAM?
When you say that you've increased the "disksize", have you also increased the filesystem? Again have you confirmed that the VM can actually see the larger size?

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