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Im looking for advice here.  I need to migrate a V15 TKL Lamp applicance to V16 TKL Lamp appliance.. and the most obvious solution would be TKLBAM... but I haven't been able to get that to work due to issues in my database tables.

I was working on other options for migration and came across mariabackup....   so far it sounds perfect on paper, but my question is... am I able to use mariabackup on v15 which is MariaDB 10.1 and take a full backup, then prepare it, then transfer it to the new TKL V16 which is MariaDB 10.3 and restore it?


When I try this I can't ever get Mariadb to start up again. 

Anyone have a suggestion other than TKLBAM (Which I may try to get working again now that I have been cleaning up the column length issues) for migrating appliances?


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In theory, I imagine that it should "just work". Having said that AFAIK, it's intended to just backup a DB (for later restore to the same version of MariaDB). So considering that you are migrating data to a new version, then perhaps there is something within the DB that isn't right for the newer version? I.e. perhaps you need to upgrade the DB? I suggest that you try the built-in tool on the v16.x server:

mysql_upgrade --force

If MySQL/MariaDB still won't start, then I suggest checking the journal and see if there is anything obvious in there:

journalctl -u mariadb.service
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Well that's so weird...    It worked this time.  

I wanted to stop messing with the production server (The users tend to get upset)... so I spun up a restored backup of the day before and brought it up in an isolated private network. 

I then proceeded to do a full mariabackup on it, transfer that mariabackup via rsync to the V16 instance.... and do a prepare, then restore.... it worked perfectly!

So I don't know why it failed the other 2 times when I tried the same thing on the live production server.

The only variable that comes to mind is that there were no users hitting in during the backup in my test setup.   Surely thats not the issue?

Real quick, I want to let you know my end goal.  We have been using TKL for years to run our business critical applications under Microsoft Hyper-V.   We have the need to keep up with newer versions of Mariadb and PHP, etc so end up having to migrate every new TKL version that is launched.   I am attempting to find the most direct path to do these migrations when they come along. 

Since a lot of my issues seem to revolve around the sheer size and problems with our database... I am attempting to clean it up to the best of my abilities. 

Thank you for all your help these many year Jeremy... you are most appreciated!


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Yes that is strange... But good! :)

I wouldn't have expected server load to cause an issue, although if your production server was running out of resources during the previous backups, then perhaps there was something that wasn't happening quite as it should have.

Regardless, I'm super happy to hear that you got there in the end.

Re your broader migration issues. TBH, that's a problem that I'd love to help you resolve. Making migration from older versions to new is an area that I'd really like to put some energy into when we get a chance. I doubt that we'll get much chance in the near future, but I do hope to spend some more time on this in the not too distant future...

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