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Hi Everyone! 


The idea is to use Turnkey Domain Controller first as backup of my domain, if it will work fine i shut down all Windows and use only linux.

But... i have a problem right on start, on First boot configuration.

The name of my domain have number. and i cannot join Turnkey Domain Controller to it. Error message is " All realm segment characters must be alphanumeric "

I used to use Samba from command line and do not have any problems with realm name. - is it any chance to join Turnkey Domain Controller to domain with numbers in the name ? 


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It's a bug. Despite what it says, it's actually only checking if it's a letter of the alphabet (and failing if it's not). The bug has been fixed, but we haven't yet rebuilt (we're in the process of rebuilding everything with all bugfixes, etc included).

In the meantime, you could just spam whatever gets you through, then redo the domain setup from the commandline if you're already comfortable with that? Or you could download the fixed file and overwrite the one that it ships with (/usr/lib/inithooks/bin/

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thanks a lot

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