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Its nearly mid of 2021

Pasting screenshots is now the minimum standard in a Forum!

What do you think?

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Yeah it'd be great! It was a bug that appeared quite a few years ago when we did some major updates to the underlying software and no one has ever been able to work out the cause. If there was a button I could just click to fix it, don't worry, I would! But we're a small team with a lot on our plate, so we're always juggling priorities.

FWIW though, there are workarounds (they suck, but better than nothing I guess). You can actually include screenshots in your post, they just need to already be hosted somewhere. So if you upload them somewhere else (there are quite a few free pictures hosting services online), you can include them in your post.

Also you can add attachments to the first post of any thread. So you could string those 2 together and upload your pic(s) to the first post in the thread, then include them in any other post anywhere. If that's all too hard then just let me know and I can tweak them so they appear.

Behind the scenes, we've discussed the longer-term plan of maintaining the website and forums and when/if/how we might migrate to alternate software (especially for our forums), but it's hard as we're a small team with limited resources and there are we have over 10 years of community contributions that we don't want to lose...

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