I installed the OVA version of the Ansible 16.1 appliance and can't login to the Semaphore web page.  I tried the root and ansible user along with the passwords I set for those users on install and get denied.  I tried searching the internet for a default Semaphore user & password and came up empty.

If the default user is something like 'semaphore', please put that on the appliance's webpage along with that user's password.

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Apologies for my slow response.

And yes, you are right, it's not well documented. It is actually spelt out when you set the initial passwords. I.e. the "ansible" Linux user password, is also the Semophore "admin" user password. However, that is not documented anywhere else, and it should be!

So I've updated the Ansible appliance page to include this info, so hopefully that's clearer now?

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