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Thanks for all your work, these VMs are fantastic.

In regards to the TurnKey Linux OpenVPN Server 16.1-Buster.

I followed the installation dialogue and the server works, I can create profiles using openvpn--add client the instructions hosted on the server itself. I only added clients with a name and email no other arguments.

The clients can connect and, they can successfully access the internet only.

I need the clients to able to access the servers LAN. I have a few computer resources on the LAN I need to access from offsite using this VPN.

Server and LAN Computers are on the 192.168.254.XXX subnet. A FiOS router is also the DHCP and DNS server located at This network has FQDNs setup and working. I use the FQDN when setting up the server, as well as to access the VPN services from WAN, it works fine.

How can I allow my VPN Clients access to LAN computer resources?

I guess I need to make a new client profile using some other arguments?

Please advise, Thanks.


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push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp"

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So you've got it working then?!

TBH, VPNs are not my strong suit (actually any networking more complex than the basics really...). But please let us know if you continue to have issues and we'll see what we can do.

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The VPN server "works" yes, but the remote clients do not have access to the servers LAN.

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TBH I don't really understand?! If you have your VPN configured in "site-to-site" mode but can't access assets within the LAN, then in what way does the VPN work? Do you mean that you can just connect to it but do nothing more?

You say that you can't contact the servers within the LAN, is there something that you can contact within the LAN beyond the server? If so, that sounds like a network issue between the VPN server and the LAN? Can you connect to the VPN server from within the LAN ok?

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