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what is Default ssh username and password for Turnkey mayan EDMS Virtual machine?

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The answer will depend on where you are running TurnKey Mayan-EDMS and how you launched it. FWIW most (if not all) of the details are all noted on the Mayan-EDMS page.

SSH username

The default username for SSH is 'root' - unless you launched from AWS Marketplace, in which case it's 'admin'.

SSH password

There is no default SSH password(s).

Password is set at launch or on firstboot/first login - depending on the platform you are using.

If you launched from the TurnKey Hub, then you need to either set a root password at launch time and/or provide an SSH keypair. You can either add a public key to the Hub prior to launch and all (future) servers, regardless of region will include it. Or you can select an existing AWS key - note that AWS SSH keys are region specific (so you will only be able to select from AWS keys that already exist in the region you are launching your server into). If you have already launched a server and didn't set a password or use SSH keys, then you could try to search the log for the randomly generated password, but it's probably easier to just destroy and launch a new one (being careful to set a password and/or set SSH keys).

If you launched from AWS Marketplace then as part of the setup process you would have had to either select an existing key registered with AWS, or create a new one (and download the private key and use that to log in).

Once you log in using your SSH keypair, you will be prompted to set a password.

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i am running EDMS VM on oracle virtual box.

i want to access machine using SFTP 22  winscp

i give username "root"..but it asks for password..???


i can easily login at AWS Marketplace using my own username password.

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Ok so if you are running on VirtualBox, then your AWS login credentials are irrelevant for a local VM.

On firstboot (from the OVA; or after first reboot of an ISO install), of your TurnKey VM on VirtualBox, you will need to complete a series of config questions. The first question will be to set a 'root' password. This root password is what you will need to use when logging in with WinSCP (or SSH, or Webmin, etc).

Please note that by default, TurnKey Linux expects a US-International keyboard. If you are using a different keyboard, then be sure to not use any special characters (you can configure your keyboard after first login and reset your root password then if you wish).

If you can log in as root within the VM window, but not via WinSCP, then my guess is that your keyboard is not US-International. I suggest that within the the VM window, you configure your keyboard before going any further. You can do that within Confconsole. It's within the Region Config section. Once you've done that, reset the root password like this:


I hope that helps.

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my keyboard is US Sir,

 when i  launch EDMS doesnot ask me about any password settings..

when i first configured EDMS asked me about web password and local host settings..i have set didnot asked me abt any root password..

default password is empty but its not workinking..

normally when we used bitnami VM's..we can set root password at VM startup..but here i can't

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Perhaps your download was corrupted? Or you missed it somehow? I've just downloaded the Mayan-EDMS OVA file (using the link on the Mayan EDMS appliance page) and imported it into VirtualBox and it appears to work as expected for me?!

When you first boot your VM (if you install from imported OVA) or first reboot (after installing from ISO) then it will go through the initial boot process. When that has finished, the first thing you see should be a question asking you to set your root password. It will look like this (screenshot of the VM I just imported from a fresh download of the OVA):

After you set a root password, it will then ask you to set an email address and password for the Mayan EDMS 'admin' account (then some other stuff that you can skip if you want). The firstboot scripts won't allow you to set any blank passwords. After you've done all that, you could log in and reset the root user password to be blank with the 'passwd' command that I noted above. However, don't do that as SSH won't accept an empty password!

I suggest that you trash your existing VM and start again. This time, if the first screen you get (on firstboot if using the OVA; or on first reboot after install if using ISO) you do not get the screen above, please share a screenshot of what you see. (Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to do that via our forums, but you could upload it somewhere and link to it).

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