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What is Turnkeys and its usesrs thoughts on using update scripts for the TKLs that don't update from a repo?

Is there a reason that nothing has been done for updates in these TKLs?

For example: Gitea

To update Gitea it is just downloading the new binary and moving it in place and restarting the service, that seems like something that can easily be scripted and set as a cron job?

Interested in other peoples thoughts!

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I think that convenience update scripts are great and if we can include more that'd certainly be better!

I do have some reservations about enabling updates to run automatically though, at least by default. Just in case something goes wrong... Although we could still include a cron job so that it could easily be enabled.

Perhaps scripts to check for updates is a good idea though? For any that use GitHub then we could probably just leverage our gh_releases script (it gets included in all apps by default; but then removed at the end of the build process; so we'd need to explicitly ensure that it remains).

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