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I'm using Turnkey Trac, and I wanted to setup Active directory authentication through likewiseopen.

I managed to get it up and running, but after installing LikewiseOpen I couldn't Telnet, SSH or access my svn repository via svn+ssh...

any advice/sollution?


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But from what I've just read via google, some people have reported problems logging in via SSH with a domain account. Logging in via a machine account should still be ok. Are you trying to log in with a domain or local machine account?

Hopefully someone who knows more about this sort of stuff will be along shortly!

Until then you may be able to find some further asistance online. Just keep in mind that the current stable appliances are based on Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy server. The Ubuntu forums are probably worth a search and/or post as your next port of call. The Likewise Open forums may also be worth a look and I think they have a mailing list too. Obviously google is always worth a search.

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I'm using a domain account... after installing LikewiseOpen I can't telnet or SSH with a machine or domain account. thanks for the tips!

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Hi, do you know where I can get real-time help such as an IRC channel, email address, or msn account?

I'm in a bit of a hurry here at work.. and I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some kind of quicker-reply support.


many thanks for your support so far!

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For TKL specific stuff you could try your luck on the TKL IRC or contacting the devs, although if you need someone to help you asap, I reckon you'll need to consider buying some commercial support. You could also try Cannonical (the company behind Ubuntu) commercial support offerings, although not sure how they'd feel about supporting TKL (its Ubuntu based but not quite Ubuntu)? They may not be willing to.

The official Ubuntu IRC Channel is #ubuntu (on but I haven't had a lot of luck on there other than more basic general stuff. A full channel list can be found here and mailing lists here. LaunchPad questions may be a little faster than posting on the Ubuntu forums but no guarantees.

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Hi, thanks for the reply but I have managed to acomplish what I needed in anohter way.

My goal was to provide Active directory authentication via http access to my trac website. and my svn repository. I used Provider aliases (enabling alias modules in apache) for multiple Domain authentication, followed this tutorial ( for authentication configuration. i have used dav_svn modules for authentication to my svn repo and AuthzSVNAccessFile for authorizing specific AD users for read/write permissions into my svn repo. if you have any doubts let me know here on the Thread.

best regards,



P.S: I didn't use LikewiseOpen

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