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The File Server only Allows a Upload Size of 1GB.  I want to Increase the Size.

There is no PHP5 Directory in order to Edit the PHP.INI File.

I am using Version 16.1.

Is there another File that I can Edit to Increase the Upload Size?




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I'm not aware of a filesize limit on the Fileserver appliance. And I'm not even clear via protocol or pathway you are hitting this issue?!

Although you mention "php5" & "php.ini" which makes me think that perhaps you are using the webUI (aka WebDavCgi)? FWIW, that runs as a Perl CGI module (i.e. not PHP) under Apache. Assuming that I am on the right track, then my guess is that it's an Apache or Perl setting that needs to be bumped.

I had a quick google to see if there was something easy to try. It seems like there a few different pathways and possible issue you might hit (e.g. timing out, memory limits, etc), so please share a bit more about the issue you are hitting.

  • How are you uploading the file/files when experiencing the issue? (e.g. via Windows fileshare, webUI, WebDAV, etc).
  • What happens when you hit the issue? Is there any error message? If so what is it exactly?
  • Have you tried other methods to upload the same file? If so how did they go?
  • What, if any other checks have you done? (e.g. have you double checked that you definitely have enough free space?)
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1. The Big Screen Shot shows File Upload can only be Equal to or Less Than 1GB however I was able                to Upload a 2.33GB File.  Makes No Sense? Still how do I change the Limit?  Is this showing Incorrectly?

2. The Size of the ISO I Uploaded does not Show the is Listed as Zero.  Is this because it is a ISO        File so it will not show the Size?

3.  If you Click the the Icon for 2 or 1 it Runs a Snake Game and some Other Game.  What the Heck?                

4.  In the Available in the Screen Shot shows 1GB.  I was able to Upload a 2.33GB ISO.  It was Showing           1GB Available before I Uploaded the ISO of 2.33GB. It Makes No Sense?                                                                                                                                          

5.   Is it better to try Version 15.0?




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I can't see the screenshot? Did you respond via email perhaps? Can you either manually edit your original post and attach it (only the first post in a thread can have images attached) or upload it somewhere else and send me a url?

Regardless, I'll do my best to answer your questions.

2. It shouldn't matter what type of file it is, it should show the filesisze. Have you confirmed via an alternate method that the file definitely isn't empty?

3. That's news to me! I might have to wait until I see your screenshot to understand exactly what is going on and see if I can recreate it, but that is totally unexpected! FWIW, the maintainer is a University professor, and in my experience, the software is pretty professional (if not always the most sexy UI you've ever seen). I'm with you on the "What the Heck?"!

4. Hmm, it seems that perhaps the issue is that it doesn't see the real available free space? Can you tell me about how/where you are running your Fileserver appliance?

I'm not 100% but I'm wondering if there is something weird going on with the way that it's detecting available free space?! If you are running as a VM, then it's possible that there only was 1GB immediately available free, but because the disk is dynamic (i.e. it only takes up as much space as is currently in use) it can actually grow as required.

5. No I would not recommend using an older version of our appliance. It includes the same software (albeit an older version of it) and everything else will be older too. The support timeframe will be reduced too.

Also, it might be worth understanding better what you are trying to do. There may be a better way to achieve your ends?

FWIW, the reason why we use WebDAV-CGI is twofold. Firstly it supports Samba authentication (so can work with Samba/Windows shares). And it supports WebDAV protocol. So whilst the web UI should definitely work (and we can forward issues to the developer for his consideration if we're aware of them) it was never really intended to be the main UI for uploads.

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I see the 1.0GB file size limit when uploading by the web frontend, but do not seem to have any issues uploading larger files over a mapped network drive.  So I do have a work-around, but it would be nice to figure out why the web frontend is limiting file sizes.  I see several other users asking for more information on this topic, but didn't see any helpful responses.   Link to screenshot:
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Unfortunately, I'm not 100% sure where that limit comes from? My suspicion is that it's a WebDAV (protocol) limitation, but I'm not 100% sure. I've just emailed the WebDAV-CGI (that web UI) dev to ask him. Hopefully he'll be able to enlighten us. I've also asked him for hints on how to increase it (if it's an adjustable "soft" limit).

There should be no filesize limits for any of the other supported protocols including Samba/SMB as you note, as well as SFTP & NFS.

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I heard back from the developer of the WebDAV CGI software that we bundle. TBH, when he told me, I felt a bit embarrassed because I possibly should have been able to find that out myself!

Turns out you need to set the $POST_MAX_SIZE value in the webdav.conf file. The file should be found at /var/www/webdavcgi/webdav.conf and it looks like you'll need to add it. From the WebDAV CGI docs:

## maximum post size (only POST requests)
## EXAMPLE: $POST_MAX_SIZE = 1_073_741_824; # 1GB
$POST_MAX_SIZE = 1_073_741_824;

So to bump the max size to 2GB add this line:

$POST_MAX_SIZE = 2_147_483_648;

Any lines that start with '#' are ignored, so if you wanted to paste the comments from above into your conf file too (maybe make it easier to remember what to tweak if you need to change it again?) you could.

After making your changes, you'll need to restart Apache to apply them:

systemctl restart apache2

Note that you may still hit some limitations with really large files, particularly if your internet connection isn't fairly good - likely due to web server connection timeouts. I'm not sure how to adjust Apache timeout, but I'm sure I could work it out if you need a hand with that too.

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Wow, Thanks for staying on Top of this.   I started this Post on February 2022.



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Sorry it took so long! On reflection, it's crazy to think that I didn't think to look in the WebDAV-CGI docs! As soon as the dev replied to my email I felt a bit embarrassed...

Anyway, we got there in the end.

Have you had a chance to test it yourself?

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