Hello Jeremy, I have been testing Zentyal  on our proxmox server and if you are interested this is definitely ready for prime time as a mail, file server and active directory domain controller. It would be a good candidate for an appliance. This currently runs on Ubuntu so I don't know if it's too much work.

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Yes it would be a great appliance! Or at least would do from what I've read. Your experience confirms that! So I'm definitely interested in any notes you might have. Better still if you wanted to have a crack yourself?!

I'm still bogged down with v17.0 development, but when I get a chance for air I'd be very interested. If you're interested and get a chance to make a start on the appliance code, I'm happy to help as best I can. Even if you don't make a start, if it's easy enough, then I might have time to do it myself (but don't hold your breath).

Out of interest, did you install on Debian (or Core)? Or did you install on Ubuntu (as they recommend)? My only concern is that they only document installation on Ubuntu. In theory Debian might be close enough, but in practice that's not always the case.

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