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I am not sure how this happened.  But when I went to the login screen of my Linux Turnkey distro.  I received the attached output.  Not what I was expecting!  Is there a way to change this back to a GUI interface?  Any ideas on what occurred?

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Well, first step in computer troubleshooting:  Reboot.  I've rebooted the AWS instance and that seemed to have fixed the issue.  GUI is back and it is behaving nominally.



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Apologies on such a slow response. I've been a bit snowed under (not completely through it yet, but at least have a chance to come up for air).

For future reference, if you are a Hub subscriber (on a paid plan) or an AWS Marketplace customer, please contact for more timely support (if you're an AWS MP customer, please be sure to also provide your AWS user ID number). Suppot response times for paying customers is generally within one work day, often quicker.

Anyway, I'm really glad to hear that it resolved itself, but it is a bit of a strange issue. It looks like the Webmin code wasn't actually being executed and was instead just being displayed. TBH I don't really understand how that could have happened, or what would cause it. So it's certainly a strange one.

As you say though, rebootign is almost always worth a try when things don't work! Although in this case, logging in via SSH and restarting Webmin instead (and perhaps stunnel too) might have been quicker and easier?

You didn't mention what version of TurnKey it was (if you want to check, please log in via SSH (or Webshell) and run 'turnkey-version'). Assuming v16.x or v17.x, these commands will restart Webmin and the relevant Stunnel service:

systemctl restart stunnel4@webmin.service webmin.service

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